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What can ITS Lecturers do in the coming days?

The appointment of Dr Frank Fabri as General Manager of the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) by the Institute’s leadership has led to consternation and disappointment among the Union’s members.

Unsurprisingly, the MUT has remained silent on the matter. Not for the first time  it has fallen short in looking after the interest of their ITS members. It is common knowledge that a new ITS agreement is on hold. This state of affairs has left ITS lecturers without the benefits they deserve. In the meantime, the old agreement is riddled with grey areas and has several clauses that work against the interest of ITS lecturers and academic staff. 

Lecturers need to move forward and decide their future. By opting for a union that works in their interest and is resilient in the face of negotiations would be a first step.

An agreement negotiated by the UPE will bring stability to the Institute. It will iron out any grey areas that have persisted for a long time. Progression within the Institute will be less bureaucratic, with a clear path formally enshrined in writing. Salaries will reflect the reality of having several new courses offered at a higher standard, as well as adequate teaching loads and fair compensation for overtime. 

The full list of changes put forward by ITS staff goes beyond the above. The UPE promises immediate action to address the anomalous situation. Lecturers are urged to contact the UPE to discuss matters. 

We call on all academic staff to subscribe to the only union that cares about their future and is willing to go the extra mile.

Telephone: 21221252/4/6 or 99946582 

Email: gsansone@upe.mt or info@upe.mt

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