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UPE Visits St Albert the Great College 

UPE Executive Head Graham Sansone visited St Albert the Great College yesterday in response to College educators expressing an interest in joining the Union.

During the visit Mr Sansone spoke with the college staff as well as the Rector, Fr Aaron Zahra. 

The meetings were very cordial, and one can immediately say that the school is fulfilling its aims and objectives as an educational institute under the guidance and mission of the Dominican order. 

Staff members have voiced their concerns that a negative picture of the College is being painted, with certain entities attempting to create a sense of frustration and anxiety among educators, students and parents in general. 

Educators at St. Albert the Great College want to work in the best interest of the student population under the guidance of the Dominican order, as they have been doing for decades, without the hostile rhetoric coming from specific individuals that do not seem to have the well-being of educators and students at heart. 

Fr Aaron, the staff and the Dominican order have been offered the full support and collaboration of the UPE, with the Union highlighting its role in helping to resolve issues and not creating a storm in a teacup as other entities appear to be doing. 

The UPE is a union that is ready to collaborate with anyone, no matter what issues are at stake, without propagating a hostile atmosphere in the work-place.

In the meantime, the Union would like to remind College staff members to contact it for further assistance. 

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