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UPE reminds Ministry to enforce Public Health protocols in schools

There have been reports of alleged breaches of health protocols in various schools. We are all aware that our safety depends on observing diligently public health protocols that have been established by Prof. Charmaine Gauci Superintendent of Public Health. 

These regulations have made for a safe working environment along with all the sacrifices that we have all been making over the past year and a half. In this way, together with voluntary vaccination programmes in place, the spread of Covid-19 and other strains that may emerge has been minimised. In turn, these measure have lessened the potential negative impact on the mental well-being of our students and educators. 

The UPE reminds the Ministry to ensure that enough resources are in place. Moreover, it is important that Ministry continues to insist that all schools follow rigidly the guidelines given. Several reports from union delegates across Malta and Gozo have highlighted breaches of the health protocols. Ignoring such measures can only increase the risk of infection, particularly during this winter period. 

As adults within the educational system it is incumbent on us to provide a safe working environment for our colleagues and students.

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