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We would like to reassure our members and wider public that the UPE takes it responsibilities very seriously. The recent rise in the number of Covid cases and persons in quarantine is of concern to us. As a result, we have participated in meetings with the Minister and public health officials over the past few days in order to establish a viable path.

We have put forward proposals that we think will help as many persons as possible. These measures include:

  1. School term to start with a delayed entry. However, lessons to be in the form of a virtual classroom (online learning) from the planned first day of the 2nd term.
  2. Schools to open physically at a later stage. The importance of social interaction in the emotional and psychological development of our students and members is a priority.
  3. A parallel system to be in place where online teaching and learning carry on. This way, vulnerable educators and students can remain shielded at home until the situation improves.
  4. Heads of schools and senior management to be given the option to decide to switch to online lessons for a short period should a shortfall arise in teaching and support staff.

It is difficult to know the course the pandemic will take in the long term. However, as things stand at this point in time, the UPE feels the above measures represent the best possible road map out of the present predicament.

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