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UPE pledge to protect St Albert The Great College staff

The UPE has been closely following the saga at St. Albert the Great College. We have been in constant contact with staff who are concerned that following their support for the Head of School, the Board of Governors and the Rector might use punitive actions against them. 

The UPE pledges that it will not tolerate abusive measures that may lead to unfair dismissal. We will be vigilant in order to safeguard our members’ interests at all times. The UPE has always been a bastion of hope for staff members and will continue to exercise this responsibility. 

As a principle of policy, the Union does not represent members of school administration. This way, it protects grassroots educators who work in the classroom. There is no possibility of a conflict of interests as our sole focus is the classroom educator.

The UPE encourages staff members in church schools to join the UPE to be entitled to the legal safeguards the Union offers.

A good working relationship with the Secretariat of Catholic Education has been maintained over the years. We aim to cooperate and collaborate, where possible, to resolve any issues with the Secretariat that may arise from time to time. 

Educators are encouraged to join the UPE by visiting our website www.upe.mt. Further information can be requested by emailing us at info@upe.mt or by calling us on 99946582, 2122 1252/6/8. 

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