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UPE has majority representation of Child Care Services at Malta University

The Union of Professional Educators has obtained majority representation of Child Care Services at Malta University. 

Kindergarten Educators, Child Care Educators, Child Care Attendants and Child Care Coordinators have chosen the UPE to represent their interests. The Union is presently in the process of formalising sole collective recognition in accordance with the Recognition of Trade Unions Regulations (SL452.112).

The UPE has made its formal submissions to the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) as stipulated by Maltese law. Disappointingly, the University of Malta has refused to give sole recognition to the Union. The University reconfirmed its opposition in a recent reconciliation meeting with the DIER Director. 

Members in these grades were represented by the UHM at the last collective agreement, which expired in December 2021. 

It is evident that the University of Malta is comfortable with the status quo and does not believe in the right of affiliation. 

Consequently, the UPE has formally registered a trade dispute and will seek legal remedies to resolve this issue promptly. 

The Union is currently in discussion with its members on a series of directives to be implemented as a result of the University’s blatant stone-walling. 

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