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UPE gains overwhelming majority of LSEs! 

The Union of Professional Educators (UPE) is proud to announce that it has obtained majority support of state school Learning Support Educators (LSEs).

This significant development is a major blow to the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT). It has suffered a double-whammy –  a large chunk of its membership base as well as overall  negotiating power have gone. 

To put the event in context, the UPE has has been around for just four and a half years. The disastrous collective agreement that was negotiated and signed by the MUT resulted in widespread dissatisfaction among educators and the establishment of an alternative representative, the UPE. Today, LSEs can be confident that the union which will now represent them, the UPE adheres to principles of transparency and honesty. The UPE will strive to raise the profession after years of it being neglected.

Executive Head Graham Sansone and his team would like to thank all of their members for putting their trust in the UPE. Also, for creating this historic transition in industrial relations in the UPE’s short life. 

The UPE’s leadership team extends its promise to achieve majority support in other sectors in the months ahead. No educator will be forgotten. Our pledge is to work for the good of the educational sector, our families and students. 

The Union looks forward to working with various stakeholders, especially Education Minister Clifton Grima, Permanent Education Secretary Matthew Vella, and the many directors within the Ministry, during the upcoming negotiations with the UPE. 

The formal process for verification of UPE majority support must first be undertaken by the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations (DIER). It is our fervent hope that the Industrial law is adhered to. That time frames and deadlines will be met over the course of the verification process in accordance with the existing legislation. The UPE will be vigilant in order to ensure that the industrial law will be followed at all times.

We will give regular updates on the ongoing process through our website. As a member, you will be able to understand exactly how the formal seal of approval of the UPE’s claim of majority support will unfold.

Once again the UPE would like to thank you all for your support. 

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