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UPE asks Police Commissioner to Investigate ex-Education Minister Justyne Caruana and Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri

After the revelations of the past few days, Graham Sansone Executive Head of the Union of Professional Educators has formally written to Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà asking for an investigation into both Minister Caruana and “other Ministry officials”.

The UPE has called for the immediate resignation of the Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri. This follows his reported role in signing off on the arrangement with Daniel Bogdanovic. 

Standards Commissioner George Hyzler has recommended that a parliamentary committee consider requesting the police to investigate if a criminal offence was committed. Such action can be pursued on the basis of articles found in the criminal code concerning public officials taking a private interest in issuing orders or handing out contracts. Jail terms of up to six months for anyone convicted of breaching them may be handed out.

The UPE attached the Commissioner’s report and highlighted how Daniel Bogdanovic was paid for the work despite only providing minimal output. “The said contract was signed by Dr Francis Fabri, Permanent Secretary on behalf of the Ministry…Payments to the named individual were issued…moreover the report and annexes indicate that the Ministry was aware of the lack of competence of the named individual… and still proceeded to effect almost full payment.”

The UPE has made it clear that Dr Fabri must resign in order to uphold the interests of the Maltese Educational System.

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