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Underhanded Manoeuvres to Sever the Ties between Mikiel Anton Vassali College and the Ministry of Education

The Union of Professional Educators is seriously concerned about the underhanded manoeuvres taking place intending to transfer Mikiel Anton Vassali College (Art, Music & Drama) from the remit of the Ministry of Education to that of the Ministry of Culture. 

These manoeuvres are bound to affect the conditions of work and the salaries of the teachers working within the above-mentioned college. The UPE does not want to see this transfer happen and intends to ensure that members of the union are safeguarded at all costs. 

A consultation process with teachers of Mikiel Anton Vassalli College is underway with educators submitting their queries and concerns for investigation and discussion. The UPE would like to invite its members to continue doing so by following this link.

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