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Unacceptable Decision Taken By PSC

The Union of Professional Educators was shocked to learn that yesterday the PSC, despite the blatant unfairness of the decision, has persisted in its unjustifiable adamance to cancel all the LSE1 to LSE2 interviews, both scheduled and completed, following what the PSC considered a leakage of information for public perusal in relation to interview content. 

The PSC has completely ignored the demands made by the UPE whereby it requested that only those who had been identified as having divulged the information should have been held accountable. The union still believes that even though limited information may have been divulged, it should not have jeopardised the outcome of interviews for a whole cohort. The fact that this minimal leakage of  questions asked during the interviews has been considered significant enough to compromise the interview process, speaks volumes of the lack of recognition of the professional status of the LSE in general by the PSC.

The PSC did not take on the responsibility of acknowledging the fact that they, as interviewers, had not acted professionally enough to compile a database of interview questions which was sufficiently extensive to truly assess the professionalism of these LSEs who had diligently, and with much personal sacrifice, pursued their studies with the aim of advancing in their careers. The PSC had no qualms at publically taking a decision which affected many, despite knowing that the vast majority had had nothing to do with the handful who had actually exposed information they were not entitled to divulge. 

The unfairness of the situation and the lack of logic behind this decision is beyond comprehension. Yet again, numerous LSEs have been allowed to fall into disregard, and a whole cohort has been penalised for an error made by few. The MUT, which should have backed these educators in time of need, turned their backs on them and did not bother to take the issue up, dismissing the case as lost from day one. The UPE, on the other hand, kept fighting tooth and nail against the injustice being perpetrated by the PSC, and persisted in its endeavour to defend LSEs at all times.

Never has it been more evident as it is today that LSEs require true representation. Representation which is not just a façade erected by entities which care little or nothing about their fate, but one which will be their voice and their motor, a representation which genuinely believes in their worth at all times.

The UPE urges LSEs to join the UPE, so that together, as one, LSEs nationwide can benefit from a representation which will protect and defend the respect these educators are due, and not allow that the contempt with which the current nominal representation is treating them, persists and dismisses them as second class subordinates in the next sectorial agreement.

To join the UPE, and to ensure that the professionalism of LSEs is safeguarded, follow this link and subscribe today.

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