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Trade Dispute & Directive – ITS Lecturers to work on procurement.

ITS management has requested lecturing staff to work on procurement duties by end of this week.

The Union must point out that the tasks the management expects to be undertaken are not part of a lecturer’s job description. The Institute has, in fact, various people designated to do this job. We are baffled by the management’s request, especially coming at the end of the academic year. 

Beyond the ill-timing, ITS management has failed to provide any budgetary constraints and a detailed product price list.  

This lack of collaboration has left the UPE with no option but to register a trade dispute as well as to issue the following directive;

ITS lecturers (members of the UPE) are not to discuss, work or submit any work related to procurement.

The UPE expects discussions to take place between ITS management and the Union representatives and members in order to end this and other persistent problems.

We invite ITS lecturers to communicate with us if they have any queries on 99946582 or 21221252/6/8, or via email at info@upe.mt 

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