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The UPE Submits An Official Letter To The First Hall Of The Civil Court Of Malta Against The Permanent Secretary Of The Ministry Of Education

The Union of Professional Educators has filed a categorical reply to all the points mentioned in the judicial letter filed against it by MEDE.  In its reply the UPE stressed upon the right of the union to safeguard its members at their place of work by issuing directives in relation to their rights, and their health and safety.

The union notified the courts that amongst its obligations as a trade union, resorting to industrial action, even against agreements made between the Ministry and the MUT, remains a priority especially when its members’ rights and well-being are at stake. All action taken to date has been well within the parameters of the law, unlike what the Ministry is aiming to lead everyone into believing.

In its unfounded and unwarranted negative propaganda against the UPE, the Ministry attempted to dismiss the actions taken by the union as being not only unreasonable but also illegal. Where such allegations are concerned, the UPE would like to reassure its members that all its directives, and any other action taken, is backed by Maltese law.

In a similar puerile attempt at stunting the activity of the UPE back in 2019, the Court had ruled that the MUT had no right to interfere with, or disrupt, the work being done by the UPE to safeguard members seeking assistance from the union to defend their individual rights as workers. It also decreed that the step taken by the MUT to affirm that kind of right was unfounded and was hence rejected. This legal ruling holds true for any entity attempting to rise above the law, even if the entity in question is the Ministry of Education.

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