Terms of Service

The Union of Professional Educators aims to ensure that all its members benefit from a variety of professional services promoting the professional well-being of those who work in the educational sector both when it comes to collective endeavours as well as when addressing negotiations at an individual level.

The UPE, backed by professionals in the field, offers legal advice to its members and where required will also offer them legal representation. The union will also represent its members at the place of work and offers them protection from malpractice or injustices at the place of work by issuing directives, tailor-made to the educator’s needs, which are in accordance with the employment and industrial laws in force in the Republic of Malta. The union also protects its members in the event of any strike action taken upon the recommendation of the union itself.

Disclaimer* I would like to become a member of this Union (UPE), I promise to observe its regulations, as they are now and when emended in the future. I declare to remain a member until I settle any dues with the union (UPE) and to resign according to the statute regulations.