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SMT risks legal action

UPE members report that School Management has refused to accept legitimate and legal directives issued by the Union. 

Some LSEs have found obstacles to following one of the unions directives.

Senior management at the Ministry of Education seem to have given instructions to SMT members that are without legal basis and unconstitutional. By doing so, they have put SMT members in a potential legal dead-end.

The legal advice given to the Ministry officials is flawed with misconceptions and a direct misinterpretation of the law. (As turned out to be the case in all the legal battles won by the UPE against the Ministry of Education.) In the meantime, the Union has held consultations with its lawyers on the matter. 

The Union calls directly on the Minister Hon. Grima to resolve this and other pending issues in a genuine spirit of social dialogue.

Should any union member have any further queries on this issue or any other, please contact us on 99946582 or 21221252/6/8 or via email at info@upe.mt.

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