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Procedures for online learning – Online timetables

Lesson time

  • Lessons are to be 35 minutes long so as to afford a 10-minute break between lessons, in which a movement break and a break from constant screen-time can be had. 
  • Audio-visual material presented during lessons should not exceed 20 minutes in duration, and the remaining time is to be reserved for other activities such as classwork or practical work related to the lesson.

Virtual schools

  • Virtual schools for primary, middle, and secondary schools, providing services to vulnerable students or to those living with vulnerable people, will continue to operate separately as previously established.
  • Students in this category who are in middle and secondary schools are registered on two classes in MS Teams and are to opt for the programme which best suits their educational progress.


  • Timetables in primary schools should include the services of peripatetic teachers following the usual daily routine as is done in virtual school.

Early years up to Year 2

  • Early year students until year 2 should be offered a more flexible timetable which takes into account the duration of a lesson in relation to the age of the children.


The UPE recommends that KGEs discuss their timetables with the SMT as it is impossible for this age bracket to go online for a full school day.


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