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SMT risks legal action

UPE members report that School Management has refused to accept legitimate and legal directives issued by the Union.  Some LSEs have found obstacles to following …

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Analysis– Politicians and Education

Discussions have been held between the UPE its advisors and different stake-holders on the potential impact of the politicians elected to represent the education sector.  …

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Trade Dispute & Directives – Malta School Of Music – Mikiel Anton Vassalli College

Are chickens more important than educators at the School of Music? Read on to find out… Teachers working at Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Malta …

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The UPE exclusively represents its members both at the place of work as well as at any meeting which may regard their professional well-being.

Collective Agreements

The UPE is backed by a team specialised in collective bargaining, and also endeavours to outsource work to experts in the field as well as members of the UPE from different grades.

Legal Advice

The UPE is supported by a legal team specialised in Employment and Industrial Law which also works hand-in-hand with the UPE think-tank at all times.