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Ministry continues to leave Educators in the dark

The Ministry of Education has left educators baffled and anxious. Despite our numerous calls for clarity and urgency with the new school year just days away, educators have not been assigned to a school or class. One cannot but wonder on which planet the Ministry is located!

Here at the UPE we have been receiving a deluge of calls and emails from concerned educators. Our colleagues have no clue about the grade or year they will be teaching. Clearly, how can educators been prepared to teach students when left in the dark? The Ministry’s level of incompetence in this regard will, as we have repeatedly stated, directly affect both educators and students. 

We can also report that many educators are on the verge of resigning from the sector. Moreover, the number of Peripatetic Teachers required to cover classes in the Primary Section is still unknown, even after we brought the issue up with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry at a meeting weeks ago. 

Given the nature of the present situation, the UPE will be compelled to issue directives within the next couple of hours unless a positive resolution is immediately found. 

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