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LSE2s Approved in 2015 and 2016 Discriminated Against By the Ministry of Education

The Union of Professional Educators has been, for the past months, following the issue of the LSE2 wage discrepancy for those LSEs working in Church Schools who had been approved back in 2015 and 2016. 

These LSEs had studied and graduated with their colleagues who are currently working in State schools and who had been approved as LSE2s in 2017. These State School LSEs have benefited from the intervention of the UPE and are now in receipt of an adjusted salary scale after a serious anomaly was identified which had precluded them from substantial sums of money which they were due. Following the intervention of the UPE, these LSEs who had been caught up in this anomaly received all they were due in arrears. 

The same cannot be said for those LSE2s who had been approved in 2016, where an unfair issue of parity which has been lost still remains pending. The UPE has, to date, made several attempts at resolving the situation, and will persist in its endeavour, but it seems that the Ministry has no intention of rectifying this issue despite knowing how blatantly unfair the situation is. 

If given the trust of its members, the UPE will ensure that during the next sectoral agreement, negotiated by the UPE, this unjust situation is resolved without any further delay.

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