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LSE1 Interviews Cancelled

The Union of Professional Educators has just been informed that the 4th batch of interviews for LSEs progressing to LSE1 have been cancelled without any further explanation as to why this has been done.

The greatest risk resulting from this manoeuvre, at this point in time, is the very real possibility of redundancy for those LSEs who have applied for the interview. 

The UPE will be contacting the PSC in the next few hours to investigate the matter and to discuss the way forward in the best interests of its members. 

The union will be keeping its members informed of progress made in the discussions it will be undertaking. In the meantime, should any of our members want to get in touch with the UPE to discuss the matter, and its implications, further, they are not to hesitate to contact the union on 21221252/6/8 or via email at info@upe.mt.

Members who have been affected by this decision and are members of the UPE, are kindly required to fill in the following form.  Only members of the UPE would benefit from the unions assistance

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