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Gearing Up For A Better Future

Over the past few years, professional respect towards educators has been significantly eroded. The so-called ‘historical agreement’ signed by the MUT in 2017 has not delivered prosperity to the sector but has had the opposite effect. This can be seen with the chaotic and mishandled situation where peripatetic teachers being called in to fill the teacher shortage within the education system. 

An effective and prosperous collective agreement is essential as it regulates the working conditions of thousands of educators. Not only does it cover conditions of work but it provides a decent living wage and a balance between work and life, one that should truly be representative and acknowledges the hard work all educators do for our children. 

The converse is that a bad negotiator during collective-bargaining brings down an entire system. This is what happened in 2017 and the consequences are being felt up till the present. 

We appear to be on a collision course. If simple issues are not genuinely addressed, one can expect the implosion of the education sector. 

All grades need to be thought of, with no exception. This is why the UPE has always listened and will continue to listen to the voices of the many different educators within the sector.

The UPE believes that nobody should be left behind and every injustice must be tackled and resolved. 

For this reason, the UPE is opening its doors within the coming days for a consultation process that will address any shortcomings that negotiating incompetence and intransigence have brought about in recent times. 

We urge you to join the UPE’s ever-growing family to ensure a bright future by having your voice heard in the education sector. 

To join the UPE kindly visit www.upe.mt

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