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Extensive Deployment Exercise Underway Effecting Teachers at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School & Paola ALP.

The Union of Professional Educators has received disturbing information that the Ministry for Education is currently working on a massive re-deployment of teachers from the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School and ALP to other schools. Ignoring teachers’ objections the Ministry has moved ahead with its plans and educators are being called individually to inform them about their deployment.

A similar move has very recently happened with the ALP+ programme, which caters for post-16 students at ALP. Some reports indicate that certain teachers from this programme have been deployed to primary schools. Such a significant change in the work environment can certainly negatively impact an individual’s mental well-being and should be avoided. 

The rationale behind the Ministry’s action is to fill the vacant places within mainstream education. This  policy appears to contradict the Ministry’s  own statement that there is no teacher shortage. The truth is that there is an undeniable teacher shortage. It would be wise for all parties concerned to reflect on the reason/s for the present shortfall and to initiate a strategy to find a long-term solution. In brief, the UPE more than ever strongly believes that a “salary shortage” is one of the major contributory factors to the crisis.

The UPE has objected to the Ministry’s re-deployment decisions, and it will keep members updated on the latest developments. 

Should you have any queries concerning the re-deployment, you are always welcome to contact us on 21221252/6/8 or email info@upe.mt.

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