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Directives – Ministry continues intimidation of UPE members

The Ministry of Education’s intimidation tactics continue. This has regrettably become the norm with the Ministry in its treatment of Union members.

Heads of School have WRONGLY advised UPE members that they cannot follow Union directives unless a personal directive is issued by the union itself. Heads of School claim that these instructions come directly from the Permanent Secretary. 

Executive Head Graham Sansone, would like to advise UPE Union members to ignore the SMT’s requests for an individual directive as any directive issued by the Union specifies that it is to be followed by UPE members ONLY. 

In the meantime the union is issuing further directives to counter the Ministry’s provocation, effective from Wednesday 24/11/2021:

       1. Teachers and KGEs members of the UPE are not to do replacement lessons during curriculum time. (This directive is not applicable to KGE/Teacher relievers.)

  1. Members of the UPE are to refrain from submitting assessments related to LOFs.
  1. PSCD Teachers members of UPE working in Primary State Schools are not to give PSCD lessons if they are not provided with adequate classrooms, nurtured with all the necessary resources for PSCD.
  1. Members of UPE are directed not to replace colleagues who are on school premises.
  1. Members of the UPE who to date have not been provided with a school laptop are to refrain from using their own personal devices.
  1. Members of UPE who have not been given a school laptop are to refrain from inputting/handing in any marks and or resources or material involving the use of such devices.
  1. Members of the UPE are to refrain from answering emails sent by the school management or their superiors in relation to non-academic importance. 
  1. Educators who are members of the UPE are not to engage in face-to-face communication with members of the SMT. All communication between educators who are members of the UPE and their SMT is to be held virtually.
  1. Members of the UPE are not to answer any calls or emails or any other means of communication sent by the SMT or Ministry after school hours, considering that educators already do work from home including lesson preparations. 
  1. Supply teachers are not to accept visits from the SMT (Specifically from Assistant Heads and Heads of Schools).

Should any union member have any further queries on this issue or any other, please contact us on 99946582 or 21221252/6/8, or via email at info@upe.mt

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