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Attention LSEs – please take a few minutes to read the following…

Over the course of your career you have come to realise the lack of importance you have been accorded in each sectoral agreement signed by the MUT. 

Here are some important points for you to consider: 

What is a sectoral agreement?

A sectoral agreement is a contract that is negotiated by the majority union together with the government, with the aim to improve conditions of work and salaries.

Why have LSEs been forgotten over the years?

LSEs have been left behind during collective agreements to presumingly allow for increases in salaries in other sectors such as management roles. During the last agreement the MUT significantly increased salaries and allowances for management roles while leaving LSEs with a fe meagre improvements.

LSE salaries…why are they so low?

Not only are they pegged at lower grades in the government salary scale but the MUT agreement made sure that LSEs graduating with a degree are only given the salary they deserve after four years! Yes, four years! Please don’t ask why…this question is better directed and answered by the MUT who negotiated the previous agreement. 

Why is a LSE who has attained a degree not paid as much as other educational grades?

The reason for this is that during the negotiations the MUT seemed to take a step back in order to not irritate what used to be its main ‘support base’. This presumably gave more funds to increase management grades. 

What can I do with my degree?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the MUT has etched in stone that you can not move up the ladder. Keeping you as an LSE for the rest of your life appears to be the template. The only beacon of hope is if there is a call for Head of Inclusive Education. Hang on…even here the system is weighted against you as most of the time teachers are chosen instead of LSEs. 

Why is there no difference in duties between LSE grades?

Good question…nobody can understand the logic behind this. It seems that during the last negotiations the MUT appeared to have been more than happy to give in to the Ministry’s status quo and keep everyone doing the same thing regardless of their knowledge and experience.

Does experience count?

Unfortunately not. The MUT failed to include experience as part of one’s career progress. In fact, years of service as a supply LSE are not even considered!

What can be done to improve my situation as an LSE?

The only logical and realistic way forward is to join the UPE. We have been working for LSEs since the very start of our existence. Top union management understands well the role of LSEs since they have worked for more than a decade in the field and know the internal dynamics of the job. 

The UPE is proud of its track record…it has fought for LSE rights consistently and persistently

Here are some of our achievements over the past years:

  • Errors in salaries caused by the incompetence of others were paid back in arrears without delay. 
  • All LSEs got a laptop and adequate resources to facilitate their work at school. 
  • We have helped countless individuals who work as LSEs during their daily struggles at school by active directives and representation. 
  • We have also made sure that during the pandemic LSEs have been safeguarded by providing adequate shielding to pregnant LSEs and others who fall in the vulnerable category. 
  • We were actively involved in ensuring that supervision duties are fair and remunerated in the correct way. 
  • We accomplished the removal once and for all of the daily schedules which took hours to prepare, giving LSEs more quality time at home. 

Now, imagine what we can do if more of you joined and we were given the trust to represent you in the next round of negotiations. 

Time is running out! Please ask your co-workers to join the UPE as soon as possible. Those who do not join the UPE hinder the advancement of all and affect everyone’s financial livelihood. 

A better future awaits us if we all join forces today and not tomorrow. To join us, press the subscribe on

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