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Union of Professional Educators

Our Mission

The Union of Professional Educators (UPE) was founded by professional educators with the aim of establishing and consultive set up.

The UPE offers its members a sterling service which comprises legal advice and consultancy services which are tailor made to cater for their unique needs.

The UPE believes in empowering its members and listening to their concerns. The values of integrity, empathy, and trustworthiness are at the foundations of this Union since conception, aiming to ensure that the common good is held as a priority.

Our willingness to promptly and efficiently serve and guide all those who require our services, at all times, lies enshrined in the vision embraced by the union.

We invite you to join a union which genuinely cares, and which is ready to offer its support even on matters which may seem trivial to some. We are aware that even these matters can be of utmost concern to those who happen to be carrying the burden, and we at the UPE will be there for our members at every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

Graham Sansone portrait

Graham Sansone – Executive Head

Graham Sansone has been at the helm of the Union of Professional Educators since 2018, and his experience as an active trade unionist dates back to 2015.
He graduated from the University of Malta in Inclusive Education, and from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at the University of Turin, where he attended the Academy of Young Trade Union Leaders.
His extensive knowledge of Trade Unionism and International Labour Law & Labour Standards does not just stop at the academic level, as he has been working in the field since his late twenties.
He also held the position of Chairman of ForUM Youths, and was Deputy Secretary General & Working Youths Officer for the National Youth Council (KNZ) in which his perspective on Youth Matters proved to be great asset to the council and its general stance on the various issues that KNZ tackled at the time.
Graham was also Vice President of ETUC Youth (European Trade Union Confederation) and also represented Malta in MEYTUN (Mediterranean European Young Trade Union Network) where he represented young workers all over Europe.

George Debono - UPE

George Debono – Financial Executive

George Debono is a graduate in accounts and economics, and has other qualifications in Business Administration from foreign awarding bodies. He is also a member of the Henley Alumni Association in Malta, as well as a member of the Malta Institute of Management. George also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.
George has been teaching since 1985 at primary, secondary and technical levels, and is currently teaching Maltese at ALP in Paola. He has also collaborated with a local entrepreneur in the management of consultancy services in the fields of Human Resources Development and Marketing.
George firmly believes that the union should endeavour to uphold the interests of members and to unify employees in the educational sector. His aim is to promote the well-being of the employees at the place of work, to safeguard their livelihood from any form of injustice in the Education System.

Mary Claire McElhatton – Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Officer Responsible for the EFL Sector

Mary Claire McElhatton is currently working as an LSE at a local secondary school, and has been working in inclusion since 1997.
She is also an EFL teacher, and has been working in the sector since 1993. In her EFL career she also held the positions of Director of Studies, Assistant Director of Studies and Coordinator of a Junior Academy. She was also certified as an ESB Oral Assessor back in 2015.
Mary Claire is a Psychology graduate who further pursued studies in the field of inclusion, and is now reading for a Bachelor Degree in Education in Facilitating and Adapting Education for Students with Diverse Needs.
Mary Claire is committed to lifelong learning and is a firm believer in education for everyone, as she feels that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. She also believes in maintaining the well-being of educators as a priority, because they literally hold the future in their hands.

Mary Claire McElhatton - UPE