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A Final Desperate Attempt By The Ministry of Education

It is clear that the Ministry has lost the plot in the run-up to the opening of schools tomorrow 29 September. Education officials have been calling on the remaining peripatetic staff to go to different schools.

We ask:

How can teachers be deployed at the last minute and be expected to teach a class with no preparation whatsoever?

This deployment exercise can only be seen as a large-scale babysitting operation to fill in the gaping holes that the Ministry should have prevented if it had had the foresight to plan for such contingencies. 

The Ministry’s insane manoeuvre has come in the wake of the warrant of prohibitory injunction filed last weekend. Today’s court sitting was postponed since the Judge recused himself. In the meantime, the Ministry knows that as things stand both the UPE and the MUT cannot issue directives and is taking advantage of this window of opportunity. 

Reports are coming in to us here at the UPE that many educators are considering handing in their letter of resignation. If resignation numbers continue to rise, Malta will have an educational melt-down imminently. 

Should any union member have any further queries on this issue, please get in touch with us on 99946582/ 21221252/6/8, or via email at info@upe.mt.

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