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15-Minute Break Saga Resolved By The UPE

LSEs have been concerned about the 15-minute break, which is enshrined in the collective agreement covering LSEs supporting 1 to 1 students. 

During the pandemic, LSEs unable to avail themselves of this break were being paid accordingly. With the end of the pandemic and removing all school restrictions, LSEs are again able to take a break. However, this is not the case in every school, as some schools are not in a position to provide enough replacements for the break period. 

The risk was that an LSE would not be paid if they missed their 15-minute break. 

Once again, the UPE worked quietly behind the scenes to ensure that an agreement was reached with the Ministry.

Schools will try to find a replacement to cover the 15-minute break for LSEs supporting 1 to 1 students. If the break is taken, LSEs will not be paid; otherwise, the LSE will be entitled to remuneration if no replacement is found.

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