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St. Joseph The Worker, Patron Saint of Workers

Saint Joseph is widely known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Joseph, a humble carpenter, had married the Blessed Virgin Mary and brought up …

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Should LSE’s continue to provide personal physical support?

LSEs have for years been obliged to support students with a disability in their personal needs, as per the Ministry of Education job description on …

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Download your second edition of the UPE Newsletter

Download your second edition of the UPE – Newsletter. Featuring; 👉 Why Choose The UPE? 👉How long before a new collective agreement? 👉Learning Outcome Framework – …

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The UPE exclusively represents its members both at the place of work as well as at any meeting which may regard their professional well-being.

Collective Agreements

The UPE is backed by a team specialised in collective bargaining, and also endeavours to outsource work to experts in the field as well as members of the UPE from different grades.

Legal Advice

The UPE is supported by a legal team specialised in Employment and Industrial Law which also works hand-in-hand with the UPE think-tank at all times.